I am a multidisciplinary artist. I am a fine art photographer, collagist, musician, designer, painter, and illustrator. My work is varied in medium and my approach to art making is adhered to the ever swinging pendulum of metamodernist sensibilities. Metamodernism is the wholly fluid and fluctuating embrace of everything from the ideological modernist movement to the cynical insincerity of postmodernism. It is a way to deconstruct the past, reconsider what has been learned, and then reassembled into a new aesthetic that is accepting of all forms of creativity. There is no high or low art anymore, only the pursuit of something better through change.

I am drawn to stories of transformation and the moment in which a person surrenders their previous self and embraces a new form. There is value in examining change. I can find wisdom and extrapolate success by observing the aesthetic of failure. It forces me to consider my creative past and makes me a stronger person and better artist knowing that I am not the only one seeking out the light of truth in the darkest corners of life.

In my work I use the blistering sarcasm of postmodern wit, the multilayered extrapolations of symbolism, the silly puns of avant-garde one-liners, and the dark side of the psyche that encompasses uncertainty and the fear of the unknown. These elements are the impetus of creation. I never fully plan out my work from beginning to end. I leave room for the aleatoric happy accident as I believe this is the apex at which the artwork truly becomes interesting and changes into something meaningful and beautiful. These elements are the most powerful tools I use to communicate concepts like change, fluctuation, and the transformation of the human spirit. It is a way to present intangible ideas in a cohesive way for an observer to contemplate and make their own.


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